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What are the new hacks in 2023 to get google AdSense approval?

Some new potential hacks for Google AdSense approval in 2023:

Hide text as images

Website owners will start hiding programmed text within images to bypass AdSense content policies. The text will be stretched and clipped within images to appear invisible to Google bots but readable to humans.

Use synonym rotation

Constantly rotating synonyms for keywords and phrases will make content seem “fresh” enough for AdSense while effectively staying on the same topic. This aims to confuse Google algorithms.

Post multi-language content

Uploading content in multiple languages at once, including obscure languages, will make content harder to evaluate for appropriateness, thus improving the odds of AdSense approval. Google has smaller teams reviewing some languages.

Target slow review periods

Website owners will attempt to time new content uploads during holidays, weekends or other periods when Google likely has fewer reviewers working, resulting in slower response times. The goal is for the content to slip through the cracks.

Use obscure themes or niches

very specialized content targeting obscure interests, hobbies, professions or locations will be harder for Google to evaluate properly using algorithms and limited human reviewers. The obscurity helps avoid detection of inappropriate content.


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