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What changes did Elon Musk to Twitter’s work culture?

Elon Musk was CEO of Twitter for just 11 days in 2006. While his tenure was brief, he still managed to make some changes to the company during that time.

Focused on innovation

Musk prioritized bringing new innovative features and technologies to Twitter users. He believed Twitter had enormous potential to radically transform communication and wanted to push the company toward ambitious product development.

Increased funding for new projects

Musk lobbied Twitter’s board of directors to approve additional funding for experimental new projects, though many were controversial and seen as too risky by others. Under his leadership, funding for developing new features tripled.

Reorganized management structure

Musk restructured Twitter’s management and product teams to be more nimble and able to quickly develop and launch new ideas. He reduced the number of managers and gave more autonomy and funding power directly to engineers and designers.

Improved culture and work environments

Musk aimed to transform Twitter’s culture to be more fast-paced, innovative and focused on building products users love. He made changes to improve work-life balance, provide better perks and amenities for employees, and establish a more relaxed and creative work environment.

Fired executives who disagreed with vision

Musk was willing to fire executives and managers who challenged his authority or disagreed with the direction he wanted to take the company. He believed this was necessary to implement real change at Twitter. However, his leadership style and quick firing of executives led to controversy and accusations of poor decision making.


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